What is a chatbot?

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software application used to conduct an on-line chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, in lieu of providing direct contact with a live human agent. Wikipedia

to day we will talk about Facebook & instagram chabots

The benefits of the chat bot are countless. Return to your Facebook page. In the beginning, the chat bot is a program or a widget, which is a service to launch the conversation with users by (a group of artificial intelligence bots AI live chat bots) using the creation of operating steps by you and it has many Benefits, and companies rely on it to work in the field of e-marketing

Learn about the benefits of a chatbot and how to use a chatbot to increase interaction with customers and also many more benefits.

The benefits of a chatbot are great, but let’s start with the most important and explain it briefly, especially if you are a business owner and use chat and social media platforms to make promotional campaigns to increase your sales and communicate with a large number of potential customers.

First: The feature of responding to comments. Can you imagine that you launch a promotional campaign and receive hundreds or thousands of comments, and the chatbot automatically responds to customer inquiries immediately, with quality and professionalism (he writes a response to the comment, likes the customer’s comment and responds with a message according to the customer’s question).

Second: The feature of hiding customer comments, which is an important feature in Facebook business pages. Have you had the experience of making a promotional campaign and some stalkers try to communicate with your customers through comments and send special messages to them with offers, causing confusion to customers and poor results of your campaign, Migo Chatbot immediately hides the customer’s comment Optionally, while responding to the client, the client’s comment remains visible only to him and the page administrator.

Third: The feature of converting customer comments to messages, promotional campaigns of the message type are the most common types of sales campaigns to help communicate with customers and the beginning of the journey to convince the customer and complete the deal, with Migo chat bot you can transfer or transfer comments to messages as if the customer tried to communicate through messages and not comments , With the follow-up of the page administrators, the page administrator will not leave the messages.

Fourth: Respond to customer messages and inquiries via Messenger, and the feature here has more than one use

Reply via keywords as soon as the customer writes the word.
Menus and buttons, which are a list of buttons and explanatory text for the customer, and when the button is pressed, a response is sent.
The fixed list is at the bottom of the conversation and has options. Once selected, the reply template is sent.
There are many options, but we have shortened the most common and all responses work (with text, image, video or file).

Fifth: Creating a professional automated store within the Messenger. You can create sections, items, inventory management, pricing and invoices.


How to get started with Migo Chatbot and benefit from a free offer

You can take advantage of the Migo chatbot offer for 7 days for free

Follow these steps to access our platform


Or enter in Arabic


Choose Login, and then log in with Facebook or via email and password

This is how the account is up and running for 7 days for free, and this is how the explanation office will appear to you, in which there is a video explanation and a practical application for all the features and benefits of a chatbot


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