Automate & Combine Facebook Messenger Chatbot and SMS to Grow Your Business

Amazing Features

Facebook Messenger Bot

Automate Facebook Messenger replies to customers most FAQ, qualify leads, setup appointments, sell products and much more!

Team Member Management

Add team members to your account to efficiently manage the bot and quickly respond to your page with a professional and user-friendly dashboard.

Messenger E-Commerce Platform

create one for any of your Facebook Pages. Create coupons, provide order updates, manage users and more!

Messenger chatbot

Create automated messaging using chatbots and Instagram DMs to reply 24/7 with visual flow building.

Live chat

Chat live with your Facebook and Instagram followers.

Social Posting

Easily post on Facebook & Instagram anytime, or schedule in advance.

Comment reply

Template, hide/delete offensive comment, keyword based reply, generic reply to Facebook pages posts comment.

Best Direct Marketing Tools in One Place

Messenger Marketing

2.4B people will use Facebook Messenger next year and it’s one of the most popular mobile apps in the world. Make your presence known with MigoChat.

Social Media Marketing

A combination of paid and organic advertising maybe the difference between failure and success, and our tools we can help you boost organic reach.

SMS Marketing

85% of customers prefer to receive a text message over a call or email, and SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate!

Email Marketing

There are 3.9 billion daily email users. This number is expected to climb to 4.3 billion by 2023. Mobile opens account for 46 percent of all email opens!

What Business Owners Say

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Choose the Plan That's Right for You


  • Comment Automation :30 k
  • Facebook Accounts :1
  • Team Member : 1
  • Facebook Pages :Unlimited
  • Instagram Accounts :Unlimited
  • Messenger Broadcast :100K
  • E-commerce : 1
  • Ai integration :Supported
  • Live Chat :Supported
  • Support : Yes


$15 $11/month
  • Comment Automation :120 k
  • Facebook Accounts : 3
  • Team Member : 5
  • Facebook Pages :Unlimited
  • Instagram Accounts :Unlimited
  • Messenger Broadcast :300K
  • E-commerce : 6
  • Ai integration :Supported
  • Live Chat :Supported
  • Support :Yes

What Business Owners Ask

A bot is a a series of automated conversations that can answer common questions from your customers over Facebook Messenger. This could be to explain what your product or service does, gather information about the customer, deliver helpful content, or nurture them towards a sale.

Our bots allow you to automatically welcome new users, send them content, schedule messages, respond to specific keywords, and much more.


Every day it's becoming harder to reach your audience. People open less email and social media is so noisy your organic reach is often less than 10% of your audience. Facebook Messenger bots solve this problem by providing personalized and automated conversations with your customers. It is real-time, interactive, and has 80% open rates.

You'll need an existing Facebook Page and administrator rights to manage it. After that click on the 'Get Started for Free' button at the top of the page.
While you need a Facebook Page to get started, Your bot is not restricted to just customers on your Facebook page. Anywhere your customers can click a link - your Website, in an email, on a QR code, etc., you can launch your bot and start a conversation.

Yes! We designed our platform to be beginner friendly. We have tons of video tutorials to help you get started.


We have a lot of features but we can classify these into 5 types. Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Messenger Marketing, Ecommerce and Social Media Automations. Get started now to get hands on more knowledge - we also encourage you to watch our tutorials inside.

We are pleased to receive your questions and inquiries about our platform various services through the Contact Us button at the top of the website or through the messages of our Facebook page.